Faculty Development Programme Organized in the School of Law

To provide in depth understanding about pedagogy of research and teaching in the domain of Law, the Centre for Post-Graduate Legal Studies at NCU’s School of Law (SOL) organized a Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on ‘Legal Research and Teaching Methodologies in Contemporary Era’ from 5-9 June 2017. The aim of the FDP was to provide better understanding about various methods of research and to create awareness about the role of legal research in the development of law.

Prof. (Dr) Furqan Ahmad, Indian Law Institute, Delhi chaired the first session of the FDP and spoke on ‘Effective Pedagogical Tools in Legal Education’ on 5 June 2017.


In the 2nd session Dr Kanu Priya, Head, SOL stressed upon the importance of Bloom’s Taxonomy to better understand a students’ level of understanding and accordingly the syllabi should be framed.

Ms Prema Iyer delivering a lecture on ‘Mentoring as a technique for effective teaching’


Ms Prema Iyer delivered a guest lecture on ‘Mentoring as a technique for effective teaching’ on 6 June 2017. She spoke about various issues such as student counselling, faculty counselling and how it can be effective in improving teaching and student receptiveness.


Prof.(Dr) M. Afzal Wani chaired a session on Research Methodology with special reference to Empirical Research on 7 June 2017.

Dr Keerti Jain conducted a training session on ‘Statistical Package for the Social Sciences’ (SPSS) which can be used in Empirical Research relating to socio-legal studies in the field of Law on 8 June 2017.

Dr Keerti Jain

Cyber Security Expert, Capt. AK Kataria delivered an expert talk on the topic ‘Cyber Security and Recent Issues’ on 9 June 2017.

Capt. AK Kataria, Cyber Security Expert, delivering a lecture

He discussed about issues relating to cyber security, current trends in the field of cyber security, possible cyber threats and their solutions.


Automatic Weathering Station at NCU

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), Govt. of India, has approved the installation of an ‘Automatic Weathering Station’ (AWS) on The NorthCap University Campus, Gurugram. AWS is an automated type of weathering station which records real time data about weathering parameters like rainfall, humidity, sea level pressure, wind speed, wind direction, insulation, maximum and minimum temperature. Prof. Pramila Goyal, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, NCU says, “There is a deficit in real time weathering data collection in India, and the data obtained from AWS will be very useful for effectively monitoring and recording weathering parameters for research works related to environment assessment for BTech, MTech, and PhD students. Rainfall data obtained from the AWS will also be useful for regional farmers.”


The process of installation of AWS in NCU has already begun. Mr Sanjeev Tyagi, IMD visited NCU campus on 12 May 2017 and investigated a number of suitable sites for installation of AWS and has proposed a suitable site in the workshop area. Mr Sanjeev Tyagi says, “Govt. of India is focused on transition of weathering stations from manual to automatic due to its high range applicability. Currently there are only 675 AWS installed in India and nearly every district in India has been installed with an AWS.” He has affirmed that AWS equipment is likely to be installed at NCU within four to five months. Mr Tyagi also explained to the faculties of the Dept of Civil & Environmental Engineering the detailed methodology of processing data parameters obtained from AWS. The general public can also access the data from any AWS station in India through the IMD website.

It is a well-known fact that air quality of Gurugram is a matter of serious concern. The need of the hour is to have effective environmental policies for which reliable meteorological data is required. To enhance the assessment of air quality, Dept of Civil & Environmental Engineering discussed the need and scope of installing an ‘Air Quality Monitoring’ equipment at NCU, Gurugram.

Prof. Sturdy, University of Bristol, UK visits NCU

School of Management organized a guest lecture on ‘Management Ideas: to Attain a Competitive Edge’ by Prof. Andrew Sturdy, Head-Department of Management, University of Bristol, UK on 3May 2017. The session started with an address by Prof. R Narasimhan, Dean, SOM. Subsequently, Professor Sturdy, in his lecture, provided insights into the adoption and use of ideas. He discussed as to how management is akin to fashion with changing preferences, why managers adopt new ideas and emphasized the role of strategy in selling new ideas. He also discussed about the generation of innovative ideas in an organization and shared several industry relevant examples. It was a learning and interactive session where students discussed many issues during the QA session. The session concluded with a vote of thanks given by Dr Sushmita B Waraich, Head, School of Management. The session was coordinated by Dr Saumya Dixit, along with student coordinators of BBA 4th Sem.



Prof.R Singh of Ohio State University visits NCU

Prof.R Singh (Honorary Distinguished Professor, The NorthCap University Academy Professor, Dept of Mechanical & Aero Engineering and OSU Emeritus Academy Director, NSF Smart Vehicle Concepts Center, The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA) visited NCU on 9 May 2017 to conduct a Faculty Development Programme on research, funding and publications, in Mechanical Engineering Department. The FDP was attended by 18 faculty members and research scholars. Prof. Singh interacted with the Pro VC and ended the mentorship programme with interaction with the Pro-Chancellor.

He engaged faculty members with exhaustive discussion on varied topics like, origins of research problems, formulation of research problems, resources or funding needed for research activities, scholarly publications and research credentials, elements of publications, independent work vs. collaborative, team oriented research, publication ethics. Prof. Singh gave significant guidance to pursue research and gain recognition. He discussed about innovation paradigms with mechanism to generate a highly skilled workforce for tomorrow. He also shared upcoming R&D topics for vehicle trends and needs along with role of academic research from students, faculty, industry/government perspective. He shared common academic research examples which were highly appreciated specially by the faculty members who are planning to register for the PhD programme. Prof. Singh visited the labs of the Department of Mechanical Engineering where he gave valuable inputs like modification in approach to conduct practical in the collaborative manner where a practical would need knowledge of more than one course to be performed.

NCU Teams Win Again

IDEA (Inspiring and Developing Entrepreneurial Acumen) was organised by GD Goenka University on 7 April 2017. Teams from various universities took part in the competition including students from NCU, Gurugram who took part in ‘Ideas and Presentation’.


There were a total of seven categories in which the students of NCU took part and became one of the major competitors in all these events. Seven teams took part in the competition and three of the teams outshone the tough competition to become the winners.

The felicitation ceremony saw a large number of awards going the NorthCap University’s way. Not only was it a proud moment for the teams which took part but the students left a mark on all the competitors and faculty present.

The teams of Northcap University won three Prizes. The teams which won are:

Team -1: Guardian Angel (Category – Product )
Gaurav Saini (16MEU023)
Kumar Abhijeet (16MEU036)

Team -2: Eye Tracker Device ( Category – Social)
Paras Tyagi (16MEU044)
Yoganshu Sanduja (16MEU77)

Team-3: Car Parking Solution
Akash Lal – 3rd Year ME


Training programme for teachers conducted by NITTTR, Chandigarh

The National Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research NITTTR, Chandigarh offers Faculty Training Programmes in a wide variety of areas to train teachers, propagate ICT skills and induction training programmes to improve quality of technical education at NCU (Nodal Centre). The Dept of EECE organized a short term course in association with NITTTR Chandigarh on ‘Embedded World through ICT’ from 21 to 24 March 2017 at The NorthCap University, Gurugram. The programme was designed around the following major topics:


  • Introduction to Micro-controllers like PIC,
  • AVR, Embedded processor
  • Reconfigurable devices like MMX series, MIPS, ARM
  • System on Chip
  • Applications specific Integrated Circuits,
  • Modelling of multi-processors systems
  • Applications of embedded system designing includes Wireless Sensor & their networking

The Course upgraded knowledge and programming skills of the faculty, research scholars and technical staff of the Dept of EECE. The course included interfacing of PIC with the real world and the latest trends in embedded systems in IoT and Android Platform used in industrial applications. The training was coordinated by Ms Amanpreet Kaur, Nodal Coordinator, Dept of EECE.

Activities of CSI Student Chapter | The Northcap University

The Computer Society of India (CSI), Student Chapter organized a gaming event on 9 February 2017, during the Club Week. The objective of the event was to motivate students to learn and apply the current trends. Several games were developed by CSE 1st year students ‘Star Wars’ by Ranjeet Singh Rajput, ‘Ninja Warrior’ by Ravi Rathee, ‘Platform’ by Ravi Kundu, ‘Bounce’ by Rohit Chahar and ‘Walking Dead’ by Pulkit Talwar. Students and faculty from various branches came forward enthusiastically to play the games. All the developers were awarded prizes.

The event was coordinated by Rachita Gupta and Rahul under guidance of Dr A Charan Kumari, CSI Students Branch Counsellor.



CSI, Student Chapter organized a one hour awareness session for 1st and 2nd Year computer science students on 7 Feb 2017 at The Northcap University – Best engineering university in India. The objective of the session was to make students aware of competitions and opportunities for which they can gear themselves up.
Abhay Abraham and Urvika Gola, CSE 3rd Year, had an interactive session with CSI students. Abhay gave a live-demo on how to get started with competitive programming through enrolling on platforms like ‘HackerRank’. Abhay also gave a brief introduction to LISP programming language and taught lines of code using LISP.

Urvika talked about her experience being an Open Source Developer at Outreachy as an intern. She explained on ‘How to get started with Open Source’. She also briefed about the selection procedure and the work she is doing using Android Development and Java in her project.

This session was coordinated by Dr Prachi Ahlawat for the benefit of CSI students.